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At Star Deed, we believe that a personalized gift with a unique and timeless quality is something that anyone will appreciate. And we provide such a service with this name a star service. Star Deed has an astronomical catalogue of over 100,000 stars, numerically designated in the SAO Star Catalog.

Each star is ready to be cataloged and Copyrighted with the chosen name of a friend or loved one. We have been recording star names since 1992, and no two stars are alike, so each one is a singular and exclusive novelty name a star gift to be cherished for many years. Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. If you are not happy with your Star Deed Portfolio, simply return it within 30 days and we will refund your money. 1

Present your gift quickly, because within 24 hours of cataloging your star, you will get an email confirmation notice, along with attachment of your Temporary Star Deed Certificate that you can print at home or the office. Your full Star Deed package will arrive via post soon after! (Orders are normally processed Monday-Friday.)

(1) Refund offer does not include actual shipping costs.

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Star Deed Personalized Gift Portfolio Details

Star Deed Personalized Gift Portfolio What could be better than to Name A Star for someone you care about. An eternal flame that will shine in the heavens for thousands of years to come. Star Deed chooses only the finest stellar objects... stars that can be seen from the Earth with a telescope from a nice, dark evening sky. Your complete Star Deed portfolio includes:

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How Much For Eternity?

Millennium Chronicle Each Star Deed portfolio is only $39.95, including free Priority Mail shipping within the United States, and International shipping is available. A Digital Version is available for only $19.99. A portion of all proceeds goes to EcoPlanet's Charity Fund. For such a memorable gift, it's a price you can't beat anywhere in the universe. To order, select an option below and we'll ship your package upon confirmation. It's a timeless gift that will never be forgotten!

Star Deed Gift Portfolio
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 Standard Package   With Planisphere
(add $9.95)(see F.A.Q.)

Shipped To USA Zip Code:

$39.95 USA Priority
($39.95 + $0 Shipping = $39.95)

$66.95 USA Express
($39.95 + $27 Shipping = $66.95)



 Shipped To USA Zip Code:

$49.90 USA Priority
($49.90 + $0 Shipping = $49.90)

$76.90 USA Express
($49.90 + $27 Shipping = $76.90)

International Shipments: Please note that due to the coronavirus, delivery to some countries has been temporarily suspended. Here is a list of the countries that we are unable to ship to at this time. As an alternative, you can order a digital version.

Shipped Outside The USA:

Int'l 1st Class Mail (delivery times vary widely)
($39.95 + $17 Shipping = $56.95)

$109.95 Int'l Express
($39.95 + $70 Shipping = $109.95)

Shipped Outside The USA:

Int'l 1st Class Mail (delivery times vary widely)
($49.90 + $17 Shipping = $66.90)

$119.90 Int'l Express
($49.90 + $70 Shipping = $119.90)


 US Priority: 4-7 business days
 US Express: 1-3 business days

 Int'l 1st Class Mail: 14 to over 60 business days
 Int'l Express: 5-7 business days

For special Holiday shipping times, please check our Shipping Guide.

(Express Shipping NOT available to APO's. Delivery Times are only estimates. They can take longer, especially International shipping.)

Digital Star Deed  

For only $19.99! Includes just the Star Deed Certificate & Custom Star Map in PDF Format Emailed directly to you. You can then print as many copies as you like! Delivery is usually within 24 hours (Mon-Fri) and requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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** There is a $15.95 fee to make corrections
to a certificate after it has been shipped if you
make a mistake, so PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK this
form before ordering! For best appearance, DO NOT USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Without a correct email address, we cannot send your confirmation email and free Temporary Online Star Deed. We will never disclose your email address. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy .

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100,000+ stars

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