Star Deed Name A Star Gifts

Star Deed Name A Star Gifts

Star Deed is the perfect gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries or any occasion!

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Fax/Mail Order Form
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Instructions: Simply fill out this form completely, print it and fax the form with your credit card and shipping information information to 1-626-969-3717.


Make a check or money order payable to ECOPLANET in the appropriate amount. Checks must be in US Dollars and be encoded at the bottom of the check. Mail Form & Check To: 


EcoPlanet - Star Deed
P.O. Box 1491, Dept MC
Glendora, CA 91740

** There is a $10.00 fee to make corrections to a certificate after it has been shipped if you make a mistake, so PLEASE double check this form before ordering! For the best looking certificate, please DO NOT USE ALL CAPITALS!


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 US Priority: 4-7 business days
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 Int'l 1st Class Mail: 14-31+ business days
 Int'l Express: 5-7 business days

(Express Shipping NOT available to APO's. Delivery Times are only estimates. They can take longer, especially International shipping.)

For special Holiday shipping times, please check our Shipping Guide.

 Standard Package

$39.95 US Priority
$64.95 US Express
$53.95 Int'l 1st Class Mail (delivery times vary widely)
($39.95 + $14 Shipping = $53.95)

$105.95 Int'l Express
($39.95 + $66 Shipping = $105.95)
with Planisphere

$49.90 US Priority
$74.90 US Express
$63.90 Int'l 1st Class Mail (delivery times vary widely)
($49.90 + $14 Shipping = $63.90)

$115.90 Int'l Express
($49.90 + $66 Shipping = $115.90)

$19.95 Digital Star Deed - Electronic Delivery

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