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  • Name Real Stars!

If you aren't sure what to Name Stars in The Sky, or if you have a special event or raffle and need a great prize, look no further. Our Star Deed Gift Certificate is the perfect solution. The recipient will receive an Email Gift Certificate telling them all about Star Deed with a Unique Certificate Number so they can order online. You can also print the email gift certificate and present it in person if you so choose.

All they need to do is visit our special Gift Certificate Redemption page and order their very own customized Star Deed portfolio. Everything is included:

  • A greeting letter telling all about your one-of-a-kind listing.
  • A personalized parchment Star Deed Certificate, suitable for framing.

  • The fact-filled Star Gazette, with scientific data about your star.

  • An entry in the Internet's public online Millennium Chronicle catalog.

  • A customized star map with your star marked in the center.

  • Our exclusive Temporary Replica Certificate that you can print within 24 hours.

  • FREE Priority Mail shipping anywhere in the United States Of America.

  • An optional MiniPlanisphere is available for an additional $9.95.


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