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Here at Star Deed, we specialize in dealing with corporations, clubs and organizations to provide quality incentive, promotional and holiday gifts. Every employee needs to feel that they are valued as members of a team... motivation is crucial in every aspect of a company's operation. And nothing motivates like the gift of a star!

Each star is ready to be cataloged with the name of an employee or club member, just like all of our Millennium Chronicle certificates. But with organizations like yours, we can do even more to customize the package to meet your needs. All of the following are included:

    ● A greeting letter telling all about each one-of-a-kind listing.
    ● An authentic personalized Stellar Deed certificate, suitable for framing.
    ● The fact-filled Star Gazette, with scientific data about star characteristics.
    ● An entry in the Internet's public online Millennium Chronicle listing.
    ● A customized star map with your the marked in the center.


To qualify for a discount, you must meet the following criteria:

    1. Place a minimum order of 25 packages.
    2. All packages must go to a single address.
    3. You can include your business card with each Star
       Deed portfolio package.
    4. We require an alphabetical list of the name of each recipient.
       Random stars would be chosen.
    5. The custom message, giver's name and date of occasion must be the
       same on each deed.


Quantity Discount Schedule:

Quantity Discount
25-50 $35.95 each
51-200 $32.95 each
201-500 $28.95 each
501+ $23.95 each

For such a memorable gift, it's a price you can't beat anywhere in the universe. To order, please Contact Us . There, we can determine your specific needs and answer any questions you may have. The Millennium Chronicle is a timeless gift that will never be forgotten!


Thank you!

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